KING STANLEY: A vain and rather passive king. 

QUEEN LUDMILLA: King Stanley’s bossy, controlling second wife. 

PRINCE NORMAN: King Stanley’s son and Queen Ludmilla’s stepson.
He is a misfit in the royal family, a man who hasn’t made much progress finding his way in life.

PRINCE DOUGLAS THE SLEAZE: Queen Ludmilla’s womanizing son by her first marriage. 

ANNABELLA: A spunky lady-in-waiting. 

TARANTULINA: A wicked and hideous female troll. 

HARMONY: Prince Norman’s hippie-turned-fairy godmother. 

FRANK: A radio announcer.

JUDY: A radio announcer.

CHAMELEONS: Three to six women and/or men who appear throughout the play,
often without explanation, as comedic back-up singer/dancers. 

QUEEN ETHEL: A visiting queen.

PRINCESS BAMBIE LOU: One of Queen Ethel’s shallow, vain daughters. 

PRINCESS BRANDIE SUE: Princess Bambie Lou’s equally shallow and vain sister.

PRINCESS RAYLENE: A princess who has lived a life of tragedy. 

PRINCESS JULIE: A wholesome princess who bears an uncanny resemblance to Julie Andrews. 

PRINCESS VIVIAN: A princess who is clearly past her prime, though not slowing down a bit. 

COURT MEMBERS: (optional) Any number. May include ladies-in-waiting, a jester, a wizard, etc.

NOTE:  For smaller casts, doubling is possible.  QUEEN ETHEL and PRINCESS VIVIAN as well as PRINCESS BRANDIE SUE & PRINCESS RAYLENE may be played by the same person.